The Hills Supernatural School

Jesus Said, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me…”

“To follow, one needs to understand. To let go of oneself, one needs to know.”

Discipleship at The Hills is a process of spiritual and Scripture-based impartation. The follower learns to apply the Word to everyday life and lay context for a joyful authenticity of faith. In a world full of opinions, we invite everyone to build their lives on God’s Word.

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DNA: God & Man

  • Origin: God, Man, The Bible
  • Faith: Love, God’s Nature
  • The Fall: Earth, Heaven, Hell
  • The Word: Prayer & Worship
  • Identity: Learning, Embracing, Sharing
  • The Early Church Model
  • Ordinance: Communion & Baptism
  • Generosity: The Spiritual Economy
  • Discernment: God’s DNA

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The Kingdom of Earth >> Civic Leadership

  • God’s Perspective to Life on Earth
  • Workplace: Faith in the 9-5 Window
  • Building: Government, Economy, Justice
  • Transformation: Culture, Media, Education
  • Peace-Making and Conflict Resolution
  • Counselling: Grief, Marriage, General
  • Taking Territories: Spiritual Warfare
  • The Call: Graces, Gifts and Calling

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School of Supernatural Power >> Prayer

  • What is Prayer / Who is Qualified to pray
  • Worship and Praise as tools of Navigation
  • Types of Prayer
  • Praying in the Spirit
  • Spiritual Warfare Weapons
  • Intercessor: Standing in the Gap
  • Healing, Faith, Working of Miracles
  • Fasting, tarrying, Prayer Projects

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The Carpenter's Apprentice

  • Jesus the Carpenter: Repairer- Making New things – The Master Craftsman
  • Broken: Love and Redemption; Healing
  • The Exchange: God’s Life for Mine
  • Ascent: Altars, Prayer, Paying the price
  • The Mystery of Faith: Daily Encounters
  • Fire: Burn the hay: Refine the Gold
  • The Long Mile: Trials, Mountains and Victories
  • Follow: Say Yes to All of Me: The Great Mandate

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Marriage Preparation Course

  • Godly Foundations
  • Love and Sex in Marriage
  • In-Laws and Family
  • Woke Culture: Feminism, Toxic Masculinity, Male Emasculation
  • Money and Finance Dynamics
  • Expectations and Communication
  • Prayer and the Word in Marriage

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God In A Modern World

  • Identity in a new world
  • Origins of new thinking: Building systems
  • Prayer and the Word as tools
  • Redeeming fallen society: Government, Media, Business
  • Practical Immersion
  • Intelligent fire
  • Priests and Kings in a modern world

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