Crossover 2022

A Distant Thunder (2022 Crossover Message)

Dec 31, 2022   |   Pastor Moses Ida-Michaels

Thunder in the Distance : a Holy Rumble
Times and Seasons are changing
/ C r o s s O v e r / God is shaking off the impure
And restoring His Kingdom

Prophets who serve only themselves. Priests and kings after their belly. Who prophesy for gain and pervert the Word.

Thunder, lightning, and fire and smoke. Will shake the heavens and the Nations. And bring all desires to be about Christ!

The righteous will rise from these tremors stronger!
The Son of Righteousness with healing in His wings.
To you believers - Look up your salvation draws near!

This Crossover is your call to preparation. Something big is coming, please prepare.

Let's Pray, Worship, Share and Declare together into 2023.